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School Introduction

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The School of International Education of HIST was approved to be established in June 2018. It is a comprehensive educational management school, which integrates the education of foreign students, talent training of Chinese language international education, Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, and international educational and cultural exchanges.

The main responsibilities and tasks of the School of International Education are to be responsible for the enrollment of foreign students, foreign affairs formalities, registration, school status management, teaching management and daily life management. To be responsible for the implementation of foreign cooperatively-run schools and other work related to international education. Theschoolhasadministration Office

, Cooperative education Project Department, Teaching affairs management department, Student Affairs Management Departmentand other institutions.

Our school provides all levels of academic and non-academic education for foreign students. Academic education includes undergraduate and postgraduate students in various professional fields; Non-academic education includes long-term or short-term students who come to China to study language. The School of International Education now has international students from more than 10 countries studying in our school.

In order to adapt to the general trend of economic globalization and educational internationalization, the School of International Education relying on its superior educational conditions, vigorously introduces foreign high-quality educational resources, fully absorbs international advanced educational concepts, and conducts substantive cooperation in running schools with foreign universities.

At present, our school has two cooperative programs: The Sino-Australian curriculum cooperation program and the Sino-Ukrainian cooperation program. There are four undergraduate majors: pedagogy (normal education), mechanical design, Manufacturing and Automation, information Engineering and animal Medicine.Schoolenrollment into the national formal general enrollment plan.

With the development of sino-foreign school-running cooperation project, universities of both sides jointly cultivate high-quality, high-quality, international and compound senior professional talents, which not only absorbs the advanced educational concepts, teaching contents and teaching methods of foreign universities, but also expands the space of ourcampusand effectively promotes the internationalization process of our school's education.

The School of International Education earnestly implement the national education policy, strictly implements national chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools policy, make full use of domestic and foreign high-quality education resources, follow the "match well of Chinese and western, based on this, the quality is supreme, emphasis on education" the school localization, internationalization education idea rooted in the central plains culture fertile soil, to build an internationalized talents cultivation of highland zhongyuan style.

With careful design, scientific organization, increased investment, and strict management, the college integrates international courses and local teaching, and takes into account different development needs such as overseas study, postgraduate entrance examination and employment, etc., and has formulated a set of training programs that combine Chinese and Western elements, give consideration to both domestic and foreign development needs, give full consideration to both domestic and foreign development needs, with a strong foundation and a strong ability, so that students can find their proper place through study.

The national development strategy ofthe Belt and Road Initiatives

has provided an unprecedented development opportunity for the internationalization of education. The school of international education is working with full confidence to create the construction of a backbone university with regional characteristics and make new and greater contribution to the economic and social development of henan and even the whole country.