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    EnrollmentGuide for International Students of Henan Institute of Science and Technology

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    HISTis a well-developed provincial university. Founded in 1939, it was renamedHenan Institute of Science and Technology in May 2004 with the approval of theMinistry of Education.

    Theschool is located in the national civilized city and national health city -Xinxiang City, Henan Province, covering an area of 2,176 acres, with a campusarea of 640,000 square meters. Over the past 80 years since its establishment,the university has covered nine major disciplines, including agriculture,engineering, science, management, education, literature, economics, law andart, with 21 academic schools, consisting 67 undergraduate programs. There are29,177 full-time students. The library has a total of 3.09 million volumes (types)of various literature resources and more than 1,500 Chinese and foreignlanguage periodicals.

    Thereare 137 professors and other senior professional and technical personnel, 443associate professors and other associate senior professional and technicalpersonnel, and more than 569 doctoral tutor and master tutors.

    Theschool is Henan development organization of doctoral degree authorizationproject. It owns 12 first-level authorized disciplines of academic masterdegree and 7 authorized disciplines of professional master degree. The schoolis the first batch of "national key constructionvocational education teacher training base" and "National highertechnical and vocational teacher training base" identified by the Ministryof Education.

    HISTfocuses on promoting open education and it has actively carried outinternational academic exchanges and cooperation. HIST has established friendlyand cooperative relations with over 20 universities in the most than 10countries such as United States, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, theNetherlands, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Ukraine etc. It has conductedcooperation in running schools with the University of South Australia,established Sino-Ukraine International Joint Graduate School with Sumy NationalAgrarian University, Ukraine. It is also in the process of collaborativelydeclare a project for an institution of Chinese-foreign cooperation in runningschools as a non-independent legal entity. It co-constructed HIST-ECU Lab ofCrop Genomics and Genetic Improvement with East Carolina University, built anautomation lab with Rockwell Automation of the United States, and establishedAgricultural and Animal Husbandry Science and Technology Demonstration Centerin Kyrgyzstan. Meanwhile, foreign experts from the United States, the UnitedKingdom, Canada, etc. are employed to teach throughout the year.

    I.Category, length of study, conditions and material requirements forinternational students


    Length  of study

    Application  conditions


    Non-degree education

    Language  program students/ preparatory students

    1 academic  year

    Graduated from  senior high school, healthy. At the age of 18-35.

    (1)Application  Form for International Students Study in HIST (see Attachment 1);

    (2)Certificate  of highest degree education;

    (3)Copy  of passport;

    (4)Foreigners'  medical examination record;

    (5)Certificate  of no criminal record.

    Degree education


    4-5 years (4  years of undergraduate study; if Chinese language does not meet the  requirements, 1 year of pre­language study shall be conducted)

    Graduated from  senior high school, healthy. Above HSK4 for liberal arts students, and above  HSK3 for science students. At the age of 18-35.

    (1)Application  Form for International Students Study In HIST;

    (2)Academic  Transcripts of senior high;

    (3)Academic  Transcripts of senior high school;

    (4)Copy  of passport;

    (5)Chinese  Test Qualification Certificate;

    (6)Foreigners'  medical examination record;

    (7)Certificate  of no criminal record.


    3-4 years (3  years of postgraduate study, if Chinese language does not meet the  requirements, 1 year of pre­language study shall be conducted)

    Graduated from  the university or junior college for more than 2 years, healthy, with a  certain Chinese language foundation. Above HSK4 for liberal arts students,  and above HSK3 for science students. At the age of 20-40.

    (1)Application  Form for International Students Study In HIST;

    (2)Graduation  Certificate of Bachelor's Degree or Certificate of Schooling of  undergraduates;

    (3)Academic  Transcripts of undergraduate or junior college (junior college students  should provide the certificate of employment for over two years);

    (4)Copy  of passport;

    (5)Chinese  test qualification certificate;

    (6)Master's  learning program (more than 600 words);

    (7)Letter  of Recommendation from associate professor or above (2);

    (8)Foreigners'  medical examination record;

    (9)Certificate  of no criminal record.

    Note:1. According to the Measures for theAdministration of Recruitment and Training of International Students, jointlyformulated by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs andMinistry of Public Security, the applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen withgood health and good conduct, willing to abide by the laws of the Chinesegovernment and the rules and regulations of the university, and respect thecustoms and habits of the Chinese people.

    2.All application materials other than the application form and copy of passportshall be notarized copies, which shall be translated into Chinese or Englishand notarized by the local notary office if the application materials are notin Chinese or English version. All scanned copies shall be sent to the emailbox (gjxy@hist.edu.cn).

    3.The above application materials will not be returned regardless of admission.

    4.The enrollment of students in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan, as well as the enrollment ofchildren of foreign nationals in China shall be conducted in accordance withother relevant national regulations.

    .Catalogue of majors for degree students

    1.International Undergraduate Majors in HIST: International Economics and Trade

    2. International Postgraduate Majors in HIST


    Codes  and Names of Disciplines (Fields) for Master’s Degree

    Codes  and Names of Authorized Disciplines (Fields) for Master’s Degree

    First-level  Authorized Disciplines of Academic Master Degree

    Second-level  Authorized Disciplines or Research Directions of Academic Master Degree

    Discipline  Class

    Discipline  Field

    School  of Life Science and Technology

    0901  Crop Science

    090101  Crop Cultivation and Farming System

    Master  of Agriculture

    095131  Agricultural Technology and Seed Industry

    090102  Crop Genetic Breeding

    Master  of Education

    045107  Subject Teaching · Biology

    0901Z1  Crop Biotechnology

    0901Z2  Crop Physiology

    0710  Biology

    01  Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    02  Genetics

    03  Botany

    04  Applied Microbiology

    School  of Animal Science and Technology

    0905  Zootechny

    01  Animal Genetics, Breeding and Reproduction

    02  Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

    03  Breeding of Special Economic Animals

    Master  of Agriculture

    095133  Animal Husbandry

    0906  Veterinary Medicine

    090601  Basic Veterinary Medicine

    Master  of Veterinary Medicine

    095200  Veterinary Medicine

    090602  Preventive Veterinary Medicine

    090603  Clinical Veterinary Medicine

    0906Z2  Veterinary Bioengineering

    School  of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

    0902  Horticulture

    090201  Pomology

    Master  of Agriculture

    095131  Agricultural Technology and Seed Industry

    090202  Vegetable Science

    Master  of Landscape Architecture

    095300  Landscape Architecture

    0902Z1  Ornamental Horticulture

    0834  Landscape Architecture

    083400  Landscape Architecture

    School  of Food Science

    0832  Food Science and Engineering

    083201  Food Science

    Master  of Agriculture

    095135  Food Processing and Safety

    097202  Grain, Grease & Plant Protein Engineering

    097203  Agricultural Products Processing & Storage Engineering

    097204  Aquatic Products Processing & Storage Engineering

    School  of Resources and Environmental Science

    0904  Plant Protection

    01  Agricultural Entomology & Pest Control

    02  Classification and Utilization of Insect Resources

    03  Comprehensive Prevention and Control of Plant Diseases

    04  Toxicology and Chemical Control of Pesticides

    Master  of Agriculture

    095132  Resource Utilization and Plant Protection

    . Expenses

    1. Tuition fee

    Students  category

    Charging  standard (RMB)

    Language  program students

    12000 yuan/  person/ academic year


    16000 yuan/  person/ academic year


    20000 yuan/  person/ academic year

    2. Accommodation fee

    Room  type

    Charging  standard (RMB)

    Two-bed room

    2400 yuan/  person/ academic year

    Three-bed room

    1600 yuan/  person/ academic year

    3. Other relevant expenses

    Service  items

    Charging  standard (RMB)


    Physical  examination fee

    About 400 yuan

    Collected  by physical examination hospital

    Residence  permit

    800  yuan (more than 1 year)

    400  yuan (less than 1 year)

    Collected  by relevant department

    Textbook fee

    Charge  1000 yuan in advance,

    The  balances will be paid to either side as the case may be.

    Note:International students must purchase the insurance during the studying in HIST.The medical insurance purchased by international students shall include atleast personal accident and hospitalization medical insurance. Internationalstudents can purchase medical insurance by themselves before coming to China,or after arriving HIST.

    .Registration time and enrollment plan

    Registrationtime: March 1 to August 31 every year.

    Enrollmentplan: 15-30 students/year for undergraduates; 3-6 students/year forpostgraduates.


    Studentscan apply for scholarships for foreign students of Henan province andPresidential Scholarship of HIST (see Attachment 2) in accordance with therequirements of the notice of enrollment for the government scholarship programfor foreign students in Henan Province.

    .Examination and Admission

    1.After the applicant submits all the application materials, HIST will review theapplication. The university may request the applicant to provide supplementarymaterials as the circumstances require.

    2.The university will select applicants according to their high school oruniversity grades or above and their comprehensive language ability.

    3.The university will usually send the admission materials of Admission Letterfor International Students of HIST and Application Form for the Visa of ForeignStudents to China to the applicant by international express within 15 workingdays after the approval of the application material.


    1.The successful applicant shall apply for Study Visa in the Chinese embassies orconsulates in foreign countries with the Admission Letter for InternationalStudents of HIST, Application Form for the Visa of Foreign Students to Chinaand Physical Examination Report, etc. (It should implement according to theepidemic prevention and control policy of the People's Republic of China duringthe epidemic)

    2.The successful applicant shall register according to the procedure and the timelimit as specified by Admission Letter for International Students of HIST bythe original Admission Letter for International Students of HIST, Foreigners’Medical Examination Record, and Application Form for the Visa of ForeignStudents to China.

    3.Upon registration, the university will check the original applicationmaterials. If the original documents are inconsistent with the scanneddocuments submitted at the time of application, the student’s admissionqualification will be cancelled.

    .Payment method

    Studentsmust pay tuition and accommodation fees at the time of admission in accordancewith university regulations.

    IX.Transportation guides

    HISTis located in the southeast of Xinxiang with convenient transportation, about2km away from Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau expressway intersection, about 7km awayfrom Xinxiang High-Speed Railway Station, about 12 km away from Xinxiang RailwayStation, and about 100 km away from Xinzheng International Airport. Thestudents can arrive at HIST from High-Speed Railway Station by a taxi, take busNo. 5 at Railway Station and get off at the terminal station, or take bus No.55 or bus No. 185 and get off at Xinxiang Medical University Station, take theairport bus at Xinzheng International Airport to Xinxiang International Hotel,then take bus No. 5 and get off at the terminal station.

    X.Contact Information

    Address:School of International Education, HIST

    No.90, Eastern Hualan Road, Hongqi District, Xinxiang, Henan, PRC

    Postcode: 453003

    Telephone No.: 86+373+3040705

    Fax: 86+373+3040705

    E-mail: gjxy#hist.edu.cn(Please change # to @ when sending the E-mail)  





    1.Application Form for InternationalStudents Study In HIST.doc

    2.Regulations of PresidentialScholarship for International Students of HIST (Interim).doc

    School of International Education

    Henan Institute of Science andTechnology