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    Application Regulations of Public Kitchen in International Student Apartment

    2020年07月23日 10:26     (点击次数:)


    The international students' public kitchen is a public place for the convenience of students' daily life. In order to prevent fire and unsafe accidents, the following regulations are formulated to ensure the safe use of all international students:


    The dormitory is equipped with a communal kitchen for international students.


    Please take good care of the water and electricity facilities, microwave oven, induction cooker and other facilities in the kitchen.The public facilities in the kitchen shall not be moved without authorization, and shall not be dismantled, refitted, damaged or occupied for their own use without authorization.Violators shall make compensation according to the price and be fined accordingly.


    Danger of fire. Students in the public kitchen is prohibited to use liquid gas and other open fire fuel, do not place dangerous goods and cooking irrelevant items.


    Every student should keep the kitchen clean and tidy. After using the appliances and equipment, students should clean up their personal belongings and residual garbage in time so as not to affect others' use.


    Be careful not to clog the kitchen drain when using it.


    When kitchen establishment appears breakdown, please report management teacher in timeso as to maintain normal use. For man-made damage,compensation should be given according to the cost and fine is required either.

    7. 禁止吸烟,禁止酗酒。

    No smoking. No drinking excessively.

    8. 禁止喧哗。

    No noise.

    9. 请节约用水用电。

    Please save water and electricity.

    10. 公用厨房由国际学生轮流值日。

    International students take turns to be on duty in the communal kitchen.

    11. 厨房只限我校国际学生使用,禁止其他人员使用。

    The kitchen is only for international students and not for others.