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    "Understand traditional culture and perceive the charm of China"Online Teaching Program for International Students

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    To deepen the multi-dimensional and multi-level understanding of China and Chinese culture for international students, so as to improve their cross-cultural adaptability and better adapt to the study and life in China; to cultivate their sense of identity with Chinese culture and promote the internationalization of higher education For development, our school specially plans to carry out "Understanding Traditional Culture and Perceiving Chinese Charm" cultural experience courses for international students in the summer vacation.    


    1. Teaching method    


    Affected by the new crown epidemic, this course adopts an online teaching mode. Online teaching is conducted by the teaching assistant of foreign students through DingTalk and other software.    


    2. Teaching time    


    August 1st-31st, 2020. Two lessons per week, 1 hour each time, a total of 8 hours.    


    3. Teaching content    



    Class time      

    Content of  class      


    Week 1      

    On the origin  and customs of Chinese traditional holidays      


    Telling  Chinese classic myths and Folktales      


    Week 2      

    On Chinese  character culture and calligraphy art      


    This paper  introduces the traditional Chinese folk arts such as paper cutting,  embroidery, shadow puppet, dough figurine, sugar blowing man and face  changing      


    Week 3      

    Introduction  of Chinese clothing culture      


    Introduction  of Chinese traditional quyi      


    Week 4      

    Introduction  of Chinese food culture      


    Introduction  of famous tourist cities and scenic spots      




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