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    A letter to the students and parents of the whole province

    2021年02月16日 08:53     (点击次数:)

    Dear students and parents


    On the eve of the new year of the ox, the College Working Committee of the CPC Henan Provincial Committee and the Education Department of Henan Province extend cordial greetings and sincere thanks to you for your concern and support for the education of the whole province!In order to make students and families have a safe, peaceful and happy Spring Festival, the following tips are given on safety matters during the Spring Festival:


    1 Safety is more important than Mount Tai.Please educate and guide students to understand the importance of safety to themselves, their families and society, so that they can always stress safety, everything, everywhere and everyone.Parents should do their duty of guardianship, communicate with students frequently, pay attention to students' mental health and daily life, guide them to respect, revere and love life, and ensure a safe holiday.Establish the idea of safety first.


    2 Please treat the epidemic situation rationally and scientifically, do not believe, spread or make rumors, keep optimistic attitude and strengthen personal protection.According to the local epidemic prevention and control related requirements, it is unnecessary not to go out, not far away, try to celebrate the new year on the spot, do not visit, do not get together, do not get together.When you really need to go out, try to use safe and reliable means of transportation.Pay close attention to the health status, if there is any abnormality, see a doctor in time and take the initiative to report.Pay attention to epidemic prevention and control.


    3 When dealing with people, pay attention to personal and family property safety, try not to communicate with strangers.Do not participate in illegal pyramid selling, illegal religion, gambling and other illegal activities.Take good care of personal and family property.


    4 Regularly check the home power lines and electrical equipment to eliminate potential safety hazards.The correct use of gas and gas stove, to ensure that there is no fire.When using coal, charcoal, gas, etc., make sure that the room is ventilated to prevent gas poisoning.Observe the regulations of firecrackers setting off and strictly prohibit setting off fireworks and firecrackers in violation of regulations.In winter and spring, the weather is dry and the things are dry, which is easy to cause fire. Do not use fire in the field.Pay attention to fire safety.


    5 Strictly abide by the traffic rules and travel in a civilized way.Establish the awareness of traffic safety, and do not take vehicles and vessels without license, overload, non passenger transport and potential safety hazards.Pay attention to traffic safety.


    6 Do not buy expired, deteriorated, smelly food and "three no" and "three dangerous" food, do not eat deteriorated food and unclean fruit, and strictly prevent food poisoning.Consciously identify and keep away from drugs, terrorist activities and evil forces, and do not participate in illegal activities such as disturbing public order.We should reasonably plan the time and content of watching TV, correctly and reasonably use mobile phones, computers and other electronic products, and not indulge in online games.When doing physical exercise, pay attention to your own safety.Guide students not to smoke, drink, harass and bully classmates.Pay attention to other safety issues.


    The new year carries new hope, and the new year writes a new chapter.The College Working Committee of Henan Provincial CPC Committee and Henan Provincial Department of education are willing to work with you to create a more brilliant future for Henan Education.


    Finally, I sincerely wish you a happy Spring Festival, good health, family happiness and the year of the ox!