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    Our school takes effective measures to ensure the safety of international students during the period of fighting against the epidemic

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    Distribution of prevention and control materials and killing operations for overseas students

    The current situation of novel coronavirus pneumonia is still grim. The school Party committee resolutely implements the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, always cares about the safety and health of international students, and takes effective measures to ensure the safety of students and to protect students' health.

    Carefully investigate and find out the situation of foreign students.Comprehensive investigation of overseas students' pre-school activities, the implementation of full closed dormitory management. Set up student wechat groups by categories, keep in touch with students both at home and abroad outside the school, do a good job of "person to person" contact, and always pay attention to the health status of students.

    Earnestly implement the three "daily reports" system.The liaison officer for epidemic prevention and control of international students is designated to be responsible for the reporting of superior information, reporting of the underlying situation, and "daily report" of the status of international students, and adhere to three "daily reports" to the International Department of the Provincial Department of education, the Provincial Foreign Affairs office and the school student prevention and control group, so as to ensure that the information is accurate and accurate.

    Education and guidance to do a good job in personal self-defense.Strengthen the dormitory inspection and publicize the epidemic prevention and control policy and knowledge to the students through various channels. Actively collect disposable masks and distribute them to students free of charge. Provide them with disinfectant, alcohol, thermometer and other epidemic prevention items, and guide students to do a good job in self-control and self-protection.

    Strengthen the psychological counseling of students.Keep close contact with students every day, through more heart to heart communication, push the psychological health education video and other ways to guide students to grasp the ideological status of students, guide students to maintain a peaceful state of mind, and ensure mental health.

    Do a good job in ensuring students' living materials.According to the students' living habits, we should formulate personalized service plan, actively coordinate with the logistics support group of the school, and the logistics service center will purchase the goods needed by the students on behalf of them, and deliver them to the students safely to ensure their basic life.

    Guide students to strengthen autonomous learning.With the help of Confucius Institute Online classroom and Chinese examination service network, students are organized to carry out online Chinese learning and Chinese traditional culture learning, and make full use of holidays to help students improve their Chinese learning ability.

    Under the correct education and guidance of the school, the international students understand and support the school's important measures to prevent and control the epidemic situation. One after another said: the school's measures make them feel very safe and at ease, and their parents who are far away from the motherland are also at ease. At the same time, seeing the perseverance, courage and unity of the Chinese people, we firmly believe that we can overcome the epidemic. We are with our teachers, we are with China!