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    College of International Education held New Year'sParty of 2021 successfully

    2021年01月04日 10:38     (点击次数:)

    On December 26, the College of International Educationheld a new year's party in Tujiao 201 at 7 p.m. More than 300 people, includingBa Xinhua, director of the enrollment and Employment Department of theUniversity, Zhang Xiaoyun, deputy director of the student office, Vice Ministerof the Department of science and engineering of the University Party committee,Yuan Bo, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of the University,Zhang Ping, Secretary of the general Party branch of the College of InternationalEducation, Feng Xia, President of College, Wu Yanbing, deputy secretary andvice president of the College, as well as students of Sino foreign cooperationin running schools, international students and students of the Sino Ukrainejoint graduate school, attended the party.

    A dance full of youth and vitality "hotstart" opened the curtain of the party, and then the host announced thestart of the New year's party.The song "my motherland and me" sang by allthe teachers expressed the patriotic feelings, and the students sang it spontaneously,which ignited the patriotic passion.The short play "ferry man"eulogizes the moving story of white nurses who are fearless in the face ofdanger and stick to the first line, which is moving and thought-provoking.The short play"thousand ways of fraud" has wonderful plot and humorous performance,which is both ornamental and educational. Finally, the new year's party came toa successful conclusion in the chorus of "love each other".

    The party is rich in content, diverse in form andclear in theme, which enriches the campus cultural life of students, shows thehigher comprehensive quality of students, and highlights the positive andenergetic spirit of students of International Institute of education.