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    The Cultural Experience Course of International Education College Students Has Completed Successfully In Summer Vacation

    2020年09月04日 08:48     (点击次数:)

    In order toenrich the extracurricular life of international students, deepen theirmulti-dimensional and multi-level understanding of Chinese culture, and betteradapt to their study and life in China, our college launched a culturalexperience course of "understanding traditional culture and perceivingChinese charm" for international students from August 1 to 30 during thesummer vacation.

    Thiscourse was twice a week. Teachers taught online and told Chinese stories in theform of PPT, audio and video sharing.The course covered Chinese cultural festivals, myth story, Chinesecharacters calligraphy, traditional art and Chinese food, clothing, housing andtransportation etc.Especiallyin the Chinese character calligraphy class, foreign students had a greatinterest in the square characters. They wrote down their favorite festivals intheir notebooks.

    The students expressed theirfeelings. Through this cultural experience course, they had a great interest inChina's history. They not only felt the breadth and profundity of Chinesetraditional culture, but also were surprised by the rapid development of Chinain recent decades. They were deeply shocked by the great contribution made bythe Chinese government during the epidemic period. They believed that they willbe able to learn something while studying in China.