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    The2022 New Year Greeting of the School of International Education

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    Dearstudents and parents,


    As the year of the golden ox moving away with a song andhis head raising, the year of the Jade tiger welcomes the Chinese new year andbrings blessings. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, all the faculty and staff from School ofInternational Education would like to show our warmest greetings and mostsincere wishes to you and your families. We want to sincerely thank you foryour care and support for our educational work.

    In the past year of 2021, our school actively built ateaching quality supervisory system, strengthened the construction of schoolstudying atmosphere and promoted the English learning "EvolutionProject" which provided training for students English oral speaking skill and fortheir CET-4. We also carried out the activities of "StudyingAtmosphere Construction Month" to promote the studying atmospherein our school. Students in our school have received more than 180awards granted by university and units above, and 44 awards by provincial unitand units above. International students were organized to study Moocs coursesonline to pass the HSK examination. More than 190 international papers and9 patents have been published by PhD students cultivated by the Chineseuniversity and the Ukrainian university jointly, and 79 mastersstudents have successfully graduated.

    Promoting the "One Mountain, Two Rivers"cultural educational project, students visited the red base in Taihang Mountainand the culture attractions along the two rivers, namely the Yellow River andthe Wei River. This social practice was reported by many media, whichincludes 23 articles in total, among which 7 articles reported byprovincial unit and units above. The School actively organized teachers andstudents to participate in disaster relief as well as epidemic prevention andcontrol. The videos and news of students' volunteer services have beenreported by the Department of Education as well as other media, with a total of15 articles, among which one student's deed was reported by Learningpower. Wealso received letters of commendation from various places one after another.

    Every wonderful harvest we have gained and every bit ofprogress we have made is the result of the diligent wisdom and hard workof all the faculty and staff, as well as the creative awareness and tirelessefforts of our students, and the full understanding and all-round support of allparents. In this regard, we once again express our sincere gratitude to you!

    In order to ensure a safe and pleasant holiday, wesincerely hope that each student will arrange the holiday life reasonably andpay attention to the following matters:

    I. Pay attention to the epidemic prevention and control,and strictly comply with the requirements of the epidemic prevention andcontrol regulations.

    II. Establish safety awareness and pay attention to firesafety, traffic safety, fire prevention, burglar prevention and fraudprevention, etc.

    III. Arrange vacation time reasonably, acquire majorcourse knowledge, read classics and inherit culture.

    IV. Pay attention to a balanced diet, create a harmoniousfamily atmosphere, keep in good health and keep happy.


    In the new year, School of International Education wishes you andyour family a happy and prosperous year of the tiger. As always, we lookforward to a continued and exciting future together!